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´╗┐By Amy Biondi

Imagine a husband and wife that can bring their relationship
into the work environment, and not only refrain from
killing one another, but harmoniously thrive in a business they
both love. Don't believe it? Well this situation actually does
exist at Oceans' Bounty Seafood located at 415 North Country
Road in Saint James. The synergistic pairing of owners Gail
and Mark Nelson has made Oceans' Bounty a successful neighborhood
store built on a legacy of solid relationships. They provide
the surrounding community with the freshest seafood in a
small town market that you just can't find anymore.
Gail and Mark each bring their respective gifts to their business.
No one can loin out a giant tuna or filet a red snapper quite
like Mark. He has been involved in some aspect of the fish
business for over 25 years. No one can help you plan your dinner
for 2 or 20, and tell you how to prepare it perfectly, quite
like Gail. Oceans' Bounty was originally opened by Mark and
his partner in 2000 when they dealt strictly with the wholesale
aspect of the business. Soon the residents of St. James discovered
them, and they found that with increasing frequency, local
people were knocking on the door looking to buy seafood. In
September 2001, they made the decision to open up as a full
scale retail market. The events of 9/11 influenced their decision
to better serve the community that had been so supportive of
them. In 2003, Mark's partner retired and Gail decided to leave
her sales manager job of 16 years'to join Mark and work full
time with him at the store. "We have it down to a science" says
Gail. "Mark is the back of the house and I am the front of the
house." Gail runs the retail operation, handling the majority of
the customers, preparing the food, and managing the catering,
while Mark cuts all of the fish, runs the wholesale operation,
handles the ordering and helps with the cooking. Together they
are both confident in the product they provide and love working
with each other. Oceans' Bounty makes a large selection of deluxe
cold seafood platters, hot hors d'oeuvres and delicious entrees to
tempt even the most sophisticated of palates. They have a wide
assortment of fresh fish daily, including Tuna, Salmon, Chilean
Sea Bass, Swordfish, Flounder, and much more, plus a vast
assortment of shellfish. Try their delicious chowders and bisques
in a bread bowl, or one of their fresh salads such as seafood,
shrimp or crabmeat. Heat and serve entrees are prepared daily,
and Gail is always offering tastes of whatever is cooking.
Mark and Gail regard their customers as friends and pride
themselves on knowing most of their customers by name.
Taking special care of their customers is their top priority. Gail
maintains a book of customer "special requests" and calls each
one when their product comes in.